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Pelham Hardimann, a cross between David Niven and Simon Templar (or so he thinks), is released from prison in the spring of 1939 as war in Europe looms. The condition of Parole: to deliver scientific secrets to the USA. On his tail: two American gangsters, an old woman armed with knitting needles, a corrupt Scotland Yard detective, and the obligatory femme fatale. On his side: rotund ex-copper Studely, and Mr. W.S. Churchill’s gentleman’s gentleman who has a penchant for Nazi uniforms – and could be a Nazi assassin. Pelham on Parole is an adventurous satire sprinkled with whimsical and philosophical meanderings, filled to the brim with class war, strained friendships, personal demons, and family feuds amidst the burgeoning battle of good against evil – on trains, in boats, and in aeroplanes. Enjoy as Pelham, now an old man, sits at the fireside with you, beer in hand, telling tall tales of his daring-do: some of which may be true, some of which may be filched from movies of the 1940s and 1950s. Allow him his indiscretions, his inaccuracies, and his embellishments. Allow him his moment.

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